And then the kaajal spread.


The fire cries.



She looked at the burning coals. They were red with fury. He entered the room. She jumped at his sudden appearance. A knife gleamed in his hands. It was a silent night. The wind hurled and twirled the leaves with the occasional hoot. The owls were suspiciously quiet. The fire burnt low. A crackle or two would be heard from it. But that was it. It was like everyone was holding their breath to find out his next move. As he approached towards her, a scream pierced through the air. It was shrill and bloodcurdling. He stopped dead in his tracks. She looked at the fire, her eyes welling up with tears. In one swift motion, he threw the knife into her ribs. It went deep in. She didn’t even try to resist. Blood flowed from all around the wound. She moaned silently. He grimaced. And then, her head drooped…

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